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Applications for GISON Air Tools

Air Tools / Pneumatic Tools use the compressed air supplied by the air compressor to drive the air motor to work. It can be used in the harsh environment of flammable, explosive, dusty, damp and shock. It is widely used in modern machinery manufacturing, ship building, automobile, airplane and so on. It does not pollute the environment, has long working life, simple structure and easy maintenance. Manufacturing, automotive repair, construction and decoration, metal / wood / stone processing, cutting, grinding, polishing, spraying, assembly, fastening and many other areas, is the modern mass production of large quantities of indispensable of the important tooling equipment.

Pneumatic tools have the following characteristics:

1. Air tools in terms of working capacity and power tools compared to small and lightweight.
2. Air tools are more suitable for long hours of work, and there is no motor overheating can not work like.
3. Even if the pneumatic tool of the aerodynamic motor overload occurs like a phenomenon, but the lifting of the load can be restored to normal operation, unlike the electric motor will burn problems.
4. Pneumatic tools are not used for electricity, only with the pressure source, the water resistance is strong, no electric shock hazard, and because of no electricity, the tool itself does not produce sparks, can be applied to explosive environments (such as Kouang, ). In the case of environmental applicability, it is more suitable for all kinds of adverse environments than other tools, but maintenance work (such as water treatment, dust removal, refueling, etc.) must be done.
5. Air tools follow-up maintenance costs lower than the power tools.
6. Compared with the power tools, air tools, early investment (air compressors and air lines, etc.).
7. Air tools rely on the inlet pressure / flow to determine the speed and torque size, when the intake pressure decreases, the speed decreases, while torque also becomes smaller. The general air regulator is used to adjust the intake, although the speed can be lower, but at the same time will cause the torque becomes smaller. So if the air compressor and the gas tank is not big enough, making the use of pneumatic tools in the lack of gas, can not maintain the pressure in the work of stability, it will result in tool power is not enough.

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Air Tools for Robotic Arm

For example, Robotic Arm Air Grinder, Sander, Polisher ...

Fastening Tools

For example, Air Impact Wrench, Air Ratchet Wrench, Air Pull-Setter, Air Screwdriver ...

Assembly Tools

For example, Air Impact Wrench, Air Ratchet Wrench, Air Hydraulic Riveter, Air Pull-Setter, Air Screwdriver, Air Stapler, Air Nailer, Air Fastener, Air C Hog Ring...

Surface Preparation / Finishing Tools

Surface preparation / finishing pneumatic tools are widely used in various industries for cleaning, removing dirt, coating, grinding, polishing, and finishing...

Drilling Tools

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Cutting Tools

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Painting Tools

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Cleaning Tools

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