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What are the key points for safe use of pneumatic tools ?

Wear personal protective equipment: Wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as safety goggles, earplugs or earmuffs, gloves, and safety shoes. These equipment can protect your eyes, hearing, and hands.
Familiarize yourself with the operating guidelines: Thoroughly read and understand the operating guidelines of pneumatic tools and follow the prescribed operating procedures. Make sure you are aware of the correct usage and safety precautions.
Inspect the tool's condition: Check the condition of the pneumatic tool before use, ensuring there is no damage or abnormality. Do not use damaged tools and promptly repair or replace any damaged parts.
Proper connection and installation: Ensure that the pneumatic tool is correctly connected to the compressor and air supply lines using appropriate fittings and accessories. Ensure a secure connection without any air leaks.
Use the tool appropriately: Use the tool properly according to its design and intended purpose. Avoid overloading the tool, using improper accessories, or modifying the tool.
Safe shutdown and storage: When not using the tool, turn it off and disconnect the air supply. Store the tool properly, keeping it out of reach of children.
Training and awareness: Receive relevant training to understand the risks and safety requirements of pneumatic tools. Stay alert during tool operation, avoiding distractions or using tools while fatigued.

It is important to remember that proper safety measures can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Make sure you and those around you adhere to the safety guidelines for using pneumatic tools.

What are the key points for safe use of pneumatic tools ? | Made in Taiwan Air tools & Pneumatic Hand Tools Manufacturer | GISON

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