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Air Tools for Stone / Granite / Marble Processing

Air Tools for Stone / Granite / Marble Processing

Wet air / pneumatic stone processing tools are particularly suitable for working in wet environments in the stone industry, such as cutting, shaping, surface/edge polishing, grinding, and chamfering of stone materials (granite, marble, quartz, engineered stone, etc.). They can also be used for wet grinding in glass fiber applications. Wet operation helps to avoid environmental pollution and occupational hazards caused by dust generated during stone processing. By eliminating the risk of electric shock associated with electric tools used in wet conditions, they contribute to a safer working environment. Pneumatic tools have a long service life, as they don't overheat like motors, and they have a simple construction that is easy to maintain. They are essential equipment in the stone industry. Examples of water-fed pneumatic stone tools include water-fed pneumatic stone cutting tools, hole cutters/internal cutters, shaping machines, pneumatic polishers, pneumatic drills, pneumatic engraving pens, carving pens, and pneumatic hammers for engraving.

1. Wet Air Stone Hole Cutter / Router - Sink Hole Cutter / Router : Used for cutting and routing sink holes in stone countertops. Equipped with different templates, it can cut holes of various shapes.
2. Wet Air Stone Router / Milling Machine : Used for curved edge profiling of stone countertops. It can achieve precise shaping effects with different cutting tools.
3. Wet Air Drilling Machine : Used for drilling or hole cutting operations on stone. It provides stable drilling functionality and can be used with different sizes of drill bits or hole cutting tools to achieve different hole diameters.
4. Wet Air Stone Saw : Used for cutting stone. It provides efficient cutting capabilities and is available in two types: straight-line and handheld free-cutting.
5. Wet Air Stone Grinder : Used for rapid surface leveling of stone. It is also known as a bowl grinder.
6. Wet Air Stone Sander / Polisher : Used for polishing stone surfaces. It is used with different grades of wet polishing pads to achieve the desired shine and smoothness on the stone surface.
7. Edge Polishing Auxiliary Base : Provides a stable support platform for 90-degree edge polishing and trimming of stone. It ensures smooth and precise edge polishing.
8. Beveling Auxiliary Base : Provides a stable support platform for stone beveling. The bevel angle can be adjusted to achieve precise polishing of stone edges at an angle.
9. Wet Air Fluting Tools : Used for creating grooves on the surface of stone based on the size of the grinding wheel.
10. Mini Air Hammer for Stone Engraving / Carving : Suitable for delicate stone carving. It provides precise control and adjustable force.
11. Air Engraving Pen / Carving Pen : Used for detailed engraving and lettering on stone surfaces. It is lightweight, easy to operate, and provides high-speed vibration and precise control for fine stone engravings and inscriptions.
12. Mitre Clamp : Used for securing and clamping stone during edge bonding at a 45-degree angle. It ensures precise positioning and stability.
13. Seam Setter, Seaming Tools, Suction Lifter : Used for positioning and securing stone seams during installation. They provide precise alignment and fixation, ensuring accuracy and consistency in the joints.

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