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Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Tools - Cleaning Tools
Cleaning Tools

Application Brief

For example,

  • Air Cleaning Gun - Air Cleaning Gun
    Air Cleaning Gun
    Pneumatic Cleaning Guns

  • Air Wonder Gun Kit - Air Vacuum and Blow Kit
    Air Wonder Gun Kit
    Pneumatic Vacuum and Blow Kits

    Air blowing / vacuum dual-purpose gun can be used for woodworking dust strong suction, CNC lathe iron strong suction, food waste chip cleaning, glass and iron scrap clean up ... and so on, accessories complete, with all kinds of suction dust mouth, use Safety without maintenance.

  • Air Blow Gun, Air Duster Guns - Air Blow Gun
    Air Blow Gun, Air Duster Guns
    Pneumatic Blower

    Air Blowing Gun is the principle of using air amplification, effectively reducing the consumption of compressed air, resulting in a strong and accurate airflow, and drive the surrounding air to work together. Dust guns / blowers are mainly used for dust, dust, or foreign matter on any type of workpieces for use in factories, mechanical workshops, woodworking and installation / maintenance. Can be used in some of the hands of some of the relatively narrow, high, inside the machine parts and trachea cleaning work.

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