Company Profile

Company Profile

Professional manufacturer of Air Tools, Pneumatic Tools.

Company Profile - ISO-9001 certified, CE declare.
ISO-9001 certified, CE declare.
Company Profile - GISON's location on the Middle of Taiwan
GISON's location on the Middle of Taiwan

Founded in 1945, GISON began manufacturing air tools (pneumatic tools) in 1973. GISON has achieved ISO-9001 certification since 1999 and CE declaration since 1995.

With more than 500 models, advanced technology and enthusiastic staff, GISON serve their customers all over the world, especially in Europe.

GISON proudly states that "Wherever industry goes there are GP tools". GISON's goal is to provide the best possible products, reasonable prices combined with impactable service. To this end we direct all our efforts.

GISON's product range comprises air impact wrench and ratchet wrench, air grinder, air sander, air polisher, air wet abrasive tool, air die grinder, air micro grinder, air screwdriver, air drill, air hydraulic riveter, air hammer, air needle scaler, air pavement breaker, air cutting tool, air stapler, air nailer, air blow gun and other accessories.

GISON's pneumatic tools   GISON's Air Tools

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