Air Tools Safety Instruction | GISON MACHINERY CO., LTD.

Pneumatic Tools Safety Instruction | GISON Air Tools

Air Tools Safety Instruction

Pneumatic Tools Safety Instruction | GISON Air Tools

The goal of GISON Machinery Co., Ltd. is to produce air tools that help you work safely and efficiently. The most important safety device for this or any tools is YOU, Your care and good judgment are the best protection against injury, All possible hazards cannot be covered here, but we have tried to highlight some of the important ones.

Air Supply and Connection Hazards:
  • Air under pressure can cause severe injury.
  • Disconnect air tool from air supplier before assembling or replacing.
  • Be sure that switch is at "OFF" position before air tools connect with air supply system.
  • Always SHUT OFF air supply, drain hose of air pressure and disconnect air tools from air supply when not in use, before changing accessories or when making repairs.
  • Never direct air at yourself or anyone else.
  • Whipping hoses can cause serious injury, Always check for damaged or loose hoses and fittings.
  • Do not use quick disconnect couplings at tools. See instruction for correct set-up.
  • Whenever universal twist couplings are used, lock pins must be installed.
  • Do not exceed maximum air pressure of 90 psi/6.2 bar or as stated on air tool's nameplate.
    Projectile Hazards:
  • Always wear impact resistant eye and face protection when involved with or near the operation, repair or maintenance of the air tools or changing accessories on the air tool.
  • Be sure all others in the area are wearing impact-resistant eye and face protection.
  • Even small projectiles can injure eyes and cause blindness.
  • A grinding wheel or other accessory that bursts can cause very serious injury.
  • Daily measure the air grinder speed with a tachometer to make sure it is not greater than the RPM marked on the grinding accessory.
  • Never use a grinding accessory marked with a speed lower than the grinder speed.
    Entanglement Hazards:
  • Keep away from rotating spindle and accessory.
  • Do not wear jewelry or loose clothing.
  • Scalping can occur if hair is not kept away from air tools and accessories.
  • Choking can occur if neckwear is not kept away from air tools and accessories.
    Operating Hazards:
  • Avoid direct contact with rotating spindle and accessory to prevent cutting of hands or other body parts. Wear gloves to help protect hands.
  • Do not disable the safety lock off feature on the throttle lever of air tools.
  • This air tool and its accessories must not be modified.
  • The liability of manufactory lapses if the user uses spare parts that are not idential with the original.
  • Operators and maintenance personnel must be physically able to handle the power of the tool and capable of performing the job task.
    Workplace Hazards:
  • Slip/Trip/Fall is a major cause of serious injury or death. Be aware of excess hose left on the walking or work surface.
  • High sound levels can cause permanent hearing loss. Use hearing protection as recommended by your employer.
  • Regarding the dangers to vibration. User have to obey the Labor Safe operational instruction that depend on defferent country rule to setting.
  • Maintain a balanced body position and secure footing.
  • Repetitive work motions, awkward positions and exposure to vibration can be harmful to hands and arms, if numbness, tingling pain or whitening of the skin occurs, stop using tool and consult a physician.
  • Avoid inhaling dust or handling debris from work process that can be harmful your health.
  • Operators and maintenance personnel must be physically able to handle the bulk weight and power of this tool.
  • This air tool is not intended for use in explosive atmospheres and is not insulated for contact with electric power sources.

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