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Assembly Tools

Application Brief

For example, Air Impact Wrench, Air Ratchet Wrench, Air Hydraulic Riveter, Air Pull-Setter, Air Screwdriver, Air Stapler, Air Nailer, Air Fastener, Air C Hog Ring Piler / Nailer, Air Caulking Gun ...

  • Air Wrench - Air Wrench
    Air Wrench
    Pneumatic Wrenches

    The Air Wrench drives the striking section with a high-pressure air motor to lock or loosen the nut. For a variety of places such as auto industry, heavy vehicles, off-road vehicles, trucks, buses and other tires disassembly, industrial assembly line, diesel engine, farm tools maintenance, more by the petrochemical and cement industry and shipyard favored. The pneumatic ratchet wrench is a compact, lightweight, lightweight design for use in bolts and nuts where the working space is not large in a narrow area, such as small engine repair, car repair shop, radiator removal, Engine parts replacement, pumps, air conditioning, small engine repair, headlamp service work, fitter, dashboard and motorcycle engine.

  • Air Screwdriver - Air Screwdriver
    Air Screwdriver
    Pneumatic Screwdrivers

    Air screwdriver is fast, high efficiency, small temperature rise, simple structure, durable and so on. Mainly used for assembly industry screws tightening and loose. (Such as toys, electrical appliances, wood, plastic and other assembly) for screw production, woodworking, aluminum doors and windows disassembly, electronics factory, product assembly line production work (such as toys, electrical appliances, wood, plastic and other assembly).

  • Air Hydraulic Riveter - Air Hydraulic Riveter
    Air Hydraulic Riveter
    Pneumatic Hydraulic Riveters

    Air Hydraulic Riveter is the world's most advanced riveting tools. Pneumatic Hydraulic Riveter compressed air as the driving force, through the cylinder in series to achieve the purpose of pulling the rivets, with riveting convenience, riveting fast, hand-held light weight, no oil loss and so on. Its wide range of uses, is an essential tool for the manufacture of cash industry, mainly for aluminum, iron, stainless steel plate riveting. Stainless steel / alloy steel pull nail mouth. Mainly pneumatic pull nail gun pull nail speed. Hydraulic structure, pull the nail force. Pneumatic Hydraulic Riveter is widely used in decoration, automobile manufacturing and modification, containers, electrical appliances, household appliances, instruments, bags and machinery manufacturing industries.

  • Air Pull-Setter - Air Pull-Setter
    Air Pull-Setter
    Pneumatic Pull-Setters

    Air Pull-Setter is widely used, you can pull cap M3 ~ M12. Most used for a variety of stainless steel products industry, such as oven factory, chassis machinery factory, furniture factory, cabinet factory, central air conditioning plant. Applicable to all kinds of metal sheet, pipe and other manufacturing industry, the field of fastening. Pull the cap can replace the traditional welding nut, do not need tapping, welding, do not need to attack the internal thread; make up the metal sheet, thin tube welding fusible, welding nuts screw teeth and other shortcomings, the use of Air Pull-Setter, Convenient, beautiful and efficient.

  • Air Stapler, Air Nailer, Air Fastener - Air Stapler, Air Nailer, Air Fastener
    Air Stapler, Air Nailer, Air Fastener
    Pneumatic Stapler, Pneumatic Nailer, Pneumatic Fasteners

  • Air C Hog Ring Plier / Nailer - Air C Hog Ring Plier / Nailer
    Air C Hog Ring Plier / Nailer
    Pneumatic C Hog Ring Pliers / Nailers

    Air C Hog Ring Plier / Nailer (arch ring forming) use of C-ring, for spring mattress assembly, car seat assembly, spring mattress, bag, beam, gardening, rope, barbed wire, foam , Snake cages, wire, handicrafts, cages, marine products, fences, greenhouses, barbed wire closed and other industries, can be used in such as mat or leather edge of the suture, for continuous assembly operations utility.

  • Air Caulking Gun - Air Caulking Gun
    Air Caulking Gun
    Pneumatic Caulking Guns

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